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The Chinese Labor Movement. Speeches and interviews, undated. Notes for a talk on the Chinese Labor Movement, typescript,. Interview discussing The Chinese Labor Movement , carbon copy of typewritten transcript. Collected writings, , undated. Tang, H. Magazine and journal articles, undated. Allied Labor News news releases, Chronologies of the Chinese student movement, undated. Bein, Ning-tze, Chang, Chao-lin, Chen, H. Fisher, Mac, Li, Min, Liu, Tsui "Suzie" , Oliver, Frank, Powell, J.

Wang, Ju-mei, Yang, undated. Yeh, Te-kuang, Yui, David, Unidentified, undated. Articles and essays Miscellaneous incomplete drafts, undated. News dispatches, circa Notes, undated. Snow, Edgar, news dispatches sent to the London Daily Herald , undated. Wang, Ju-mei Hua Huang , , undated.

News agency releases, circa Kuo Min News, undated. Reuters, undated. Tass Translation Service, undated. United Press, undated. News clippings from English-language Chinese press, , undated. Manifestos, broadsides, resolutions and appeals, circa Writings, undated. Hogg, George Aylwin, "The Road," carbon copy of typescript, Interview with General Chang Chun, carbon copy of typescript, undated.

An agtech case study by Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technology (ASX:ROO)

Hall, carbon copy of typescript, August Outline of the political and economic changes in the Sino-Japanese war, typescript, undated. Record of the "Mobilization in the Northwestern Special District for the War of Resistance," carbon copy of typescript, undated. Report on the Sakai-Takahashi interview, typescript, May.

Manifestos and broadsides, , undated.

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Statement concerning the current situation, Magazine and journal articles, , undated. General, undated. Snow, Edgar, News clippings, News agency releases and translations, undated. Carter, William, Grummon, Sandra, Hall, Brian, Ma, Hai-teh Dr. George Hatem , Ma, L.

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MacDonald, Mr. Mitchell, Mrs.

  • Science and Civilisation in China: Volume 6, Biology and Biological Technology; Part 2, Agriculture;
  • Government Notices Respecting Corporations.
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Peake, Cyrus H. Rock, I.

Stewart, Maxwell S. Interviews, Sun, Li, typescript notes, March 9. Wang, dean of the Engineering College at Tungpei University, holograph notes and typewritten transcript, December James Bertram, holograph notes and typewritten transcript, February News dispatches sent to the London Daily Herald , October.

Collected writings, Bertram, James Smedley, Agnes, news dispatches sent from Sian, Articles, undated. News agency releases, News clippings, English-language Chinese press, Manifestos, broadsides, reports, appeals and open-letters, Chiu kuo shih pao, December Kao ko tang ko p'ai shu, undated.

Correspondence between Nym Wales and Edgar Snow, Diaries and notebooks, Number 1, June Number 2, May June Number 3, May Number 4, May Number 5, May Number 6, May Number 7A, August 9. Number 8B, July Number 9, August Number 10, June Number 11, June Number 12, June Number 13, July Number 14, June Number 15, June Number 16, May Number 17, April May 5.

Number 18, April May Number 19, September 1. Number 20, May Unnumbered, June Unnumbered, August. Unnumbered, August Unnumbered, September-October. Unnumbered, Unnumbered, July Inside Red China , carbon copy of typescript draft. Articles, essays, and compilations, , undated. Biographical profiles of Chinese communist leaders, typescript and carbon copies of drafts with annotations, undated. Lists of Chinese communist leaders according to place of origin, education, and socio-economic background, undated.

List of Chinese communist political leaders killed or expelled since , undated.

Horticulture: Plants for People and Places, Volume 2

List of thirty women who took part in the Long March, typescript, undated. Chou, En-lai, typewritten transcript, June Mao, Tse-tung, typewritten transcript, August Wu, Liang P'ing, typewritten transcript, August 8.

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  • Phylogeography and Coevolution of Bamboo Mosaic Virus and Its Associated Satellite RNA?

Bertram, James, interview with Mao Tse-tung, carbon copy of typewritten transcript, October Chen, Tu-shiu, "Money or Service from Everyone! Kuo-min ching-chi pu Ministry of Finance , Shen pai sheng Su yenan teng ch'i hsien jen k'ao tiao ch'a t'ung chi i lan piao, Ts'ai-cheng pu, Chan-hsing chin-k'u tiao-li, mimeograph, Chou, En-lai, , undated.

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Chung-kuo kung ch'an tang Communist Party of China. Hsi pei chung yang ch'u. Kuan yu chih hsing kai pein fu nung tse lueh chi ko chi kung ch'an tang yu su wei ai ti chih shih, I chiu san san Chung-kuo ching chi wei chi ti chien jui hua, s. Appeal to Chinese Muslims for support, mimeograph in Arabic, Speech abstract delivered before the Northwest Youth Salvation Representatives Congress, carbon copy of typescript in English, April Report on the activities of the Red Armies, carbon copy of typescript, December.

Shen-pei kung ch'an tang fa chan ti kai k'ang, carbon copy of manuscript, Interview partial with Chou En-lai, carbon copy of typescript transcript, Notes on the organization and activities of the Chinese Red Army, handwritten and typescript, undated. Yang, Te-chih, Chiang wo ti li shih hsieh tsai hsia mien, circa Magazine and journal articles, ss.

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Book marks with portraits of Chinese Communist leaders and writers, Miscellaneous, s. Bennett, James W. Carter, William D. Chia, Wu, Henle, Mr. Hsiao, Ch'ien, circa Hsu, S. Lu Hsun Memorial Committee , Lahmann, John, Leiper, Maria, Lin, Yutang, Mao, Tun, undated. Marshall, A. Calder, Pa, Chin, Sun, Hsi-chen, Wen, Dr. Yuan-ming, Yang, Ping, circa Yao, Hsin-nung Yuan, C. Writings, , undated. Bibliography for Living China , carbon copy of typescript, undated. Book reviews, undated. Book review of Living China , undated. China League of Left Writers, March Franklin, Cecil, April Leiper, Maria Simon and Schuster, Inc. Postgate, Raymond, undated. Ai, Wu, Chang, T'ien-yi, undated. Chang, Tzu P'ing, Chen, L. Ch'en, Shou-yi, Chen, Ta-jin, undated. Cheng, Nung, undated. Chou, Wen, undated. Chung, Tang, undated.

Fei, Jen-tze, undated. Hahn, Emily, undated. Howard, Harry Paxton, undated.