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The MacBook Pro we reviewed last year was generally a good workhorse for Mac users, albeit with a steep price tag. But since we published that review, Apple has expanded its configuration options in two very important ways for performance.

Second, there are now pricier workstation graphics options that up the video performance ante over any other recent MacBook Pro. So the question now becomes: does the Pro deliver performance that's worth the cost, and who is this for at that price? We're going to try to answer those questions about the maxed-out inch MacBook Pro. And since we're just looking at a specs bump over the last inch MacBook Pro we reviewed, this will be a narrower look focusing almost entirely on graphics and CPU performance.

We have a total of three ninth-generation Intel CPU configuration options. At the low end is a 2. Finally, you can amp that up ever-so-slightly by going to an otherwise-similar Core i9 with a 2.

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Most people won't need 32GB in the near future, but it's a relatively recent addition that is nice to have for some use cases. Like previous models, the Pro has four Thunderbolt 3 ports, a headphone jack, Apple estimates up to 10 hours of battery life for movie playback or wireless Web browsing. Our review unit is fully maxed out.

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We have the 2. Still, this is one of the most expensive mainstream laptops you can buy. I'm not sure I'd even call it mainstream anymore, if for no other reason than it comes equipped with workstation-class graphics. The current inch MacBook Pro looks and feels identical to the one we reviewed in The butterfly keyboard and Touch ID were also popular: S called the setup "great and quieter than previous butterfly keyboard versions," while myob said that "having physical function keys and Touch ID makes this notebook a winner in my book.

macOS Mojave First Look

I also like having real function keys vs the Touch Bar! It's no surprise that reviewers showered the Air's software experience with praise; most people who buy an Apple product understand what they're getting there.

The research

Vlad felt that "macOS continues to shine and compare very favorably with Windows in most domains. Key are: ease of use, compatibility with apps and hardware, and a stellar backup system. In practice, Dana felt her hands-on experiences with the Air went well. Readers had mixed results.

S said the Air "surprised me with its speed, capability and battery life. Haven't experienced slowdowns, even using some more resource intensive programs. The processor has held up well.

The research

Not a good idea to run things that tax the system. Vlad summed it up by saying that, "on paper, although it seems underwhelming, the custom Intel chips optimized for short bursts of activity suggest that the laptop would perform well in everyday tasks, and for the most part it does so well. Problems arise for users who like to have several apps open, or are hoarders with many browser tabs. App performance may degrade noticeably in such circumstances, but it varies from app to app.

Given how the Air fits into the refreshed Apple laptop line-up, Dana spent a good amount of time examining the alternatives. Patel goes as far as to say that the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max have the best smartphone cameras you can buy right now.

MacBook Pro review (2018): Apple plays catch-up

In fact, Velazco points out a few areas where he prefers the iPhone XS range. However, Velazco stops short of saying the iPhone 11 Pro range sports a better camera than its competitors. However, she too falls short of proclaiming the iPhone as the top cameraphone of the moment, pointing out there were times where it performed slightly worse than competitors — notably, the Google Pixel 3.

To whit, why does Apple continues to offer a 64GB model as its base version?

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Praise for the phone came from similar places though, with the camera getting praise for simply being the phone camera Stein would prefer to use day-to-day, as well as a longer-lasting battery.