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Windows Windows XP Mac OS X Panther Linux HeliX Unix CDE. Archived. This section of the website was devoted to Opera releases based on the legacy the icon to the left of the tabs (looks like 4 small rectangles) to hide the menu bar ( yes, IE makes the menu bar appear when you press Alt. I cannot do that.

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Works for me to run DS games. Watabou macrumors Feb 10, 3, United States. Kinger said:. Watabou that works perfectly!


Thank you so much. Another quick question is there a way I can get my saved game from the other version to load up? Got some time into that Actually I figured it out myself, just copied the save state from the first version I had to the folder in the new one you just gave me. Last edited: Jul 20, Feb 5, 0. Mar 23, 11 0. I've tried building VBA-M from the latest source several times, and it never seems to work.

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Is that possible with Lion, or do I need to settle for older builds? Tay macrumors newbie. Sep 18, 1 0. ChristisKing33 macrumors newbie. Oct 8, 5 0 Florida.

Question about this! Watabou said:. Nermal Moderator Staff member. Dec 7, 18, 1, New Zealand. In Preferences, set the video size to 4x, then press Esc to switch between windowed and fullscreen. Jun 26, 10 Denver, CO.

SGM File Extension - What is an .sgm file and how do I open it?

I was using the snesx or something and that doesn't work now that I've upgraded to lion either. Where would I find one of those? Love the Shaman logo, haha Saving Issues Hey Mac Gurus! I got my screen nice and large and its a beautiful thing to play gameboy on my mac. However I am having issues with save states and battery saves. Maybe thats a clue to why the Saves currently dont work on the emulator. Anyway, does anybody know of a fix for save files?

User Guide: Transfer Save Files

Since you guys are talking about save files it sounds like you do. If you place a save file in the save folder, can you load and overwrite save again in the emulator? I was able to save in Bookworm, and re-load my saved game later.

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Have you tried the latest version of the emulator? Playing Video Games since , and still going strong! VBA not recognizing.

How to save Visual Boy Advance (VBA) on mac!

Any help is appreciated, thanks. Re: VBA not recognizing. The version I'm playing now save with ".

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It might also be ". This depends on the number of windows you open with that emulator. If you are playing using the third window of the same emulator file, the save file must be ".