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Windows Windows XP Mac OS X Panther Linux HeliX Unix CDE. Archived. This section of the website was devoted to Opera releases based on the legacy the icon to the left of the tabs (looks like 4 small rectangles) to hide the menu bar ( yes, IE makes the menu bar appear when you press Alt. I cannot do that.

It has two disk drives and a grate on that side. The device has four rounded metal handles: two for handles, and two for a stand. Apple: Troubleshooting.

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Apple: Mac Pro User Guide Mac Pro First Generation Repair. Written By: Andrew Optimus Goldheart and 6 other contributors. Create a Guide I Have This. Do you know which kind you have? Featured Guides. Replacement Guides 2. Front Fan Assembly Early GPU Graphics Card. Graphic Card for Mac Pro Early Hard drives and hard drive carriers Early Memory Cage with Rear Fan Early Opening the Computer Early Optical Drive. Processor Heatsink Cover Early Support Questions Ask a Question.

We'll go into more detail about how to add RAM to various Mac models below. But in summary, you can add RAM to the following Macs:. Before we start, it's worth mentioning that not all Macs allow for RAM to be upgraded.

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On some models, particularly MacBooks, the RAM is soldered on - making removal near impossible and hazardous to your computer. In these models you really want to buy as much as possible at the point of purchase to 'future proof' yourself. Theoretically it's possible to upgrade soldered RAM, but it is an extremely difficult process that can very likely result in the irreversible destruction of your Mac - and we certainly wouldn't recommend it.

Now, assuming your Mac's RAM is upgradable, there are a number of technical figures used in the description of RAM, two main pieces of information you need are the 'double data rate' variety i. DDR3 , and the frequency i. It can also help to know your Mac's Model Identifier i. If in doubt, ask: If you're even a little unsure before purchasing, ask your potential RAM vendor to confirm that the components in question are compatible with your Mac.

That way you're covered. An alternative method of identifying the correct type of RAM is to use Crucial's free scanner.

Crucial memory for Mac® systems support

You can buy your RAM directly from Apple. It is usually the most expensive option by far and, considering that there are compatible aftermarket versions that work just as well, and are cheaper - it is not our recommended option. If you read the description of each product, you'll notice that the company doesn't always tell you which Macs the RAM in question is compatible with usually it does this only if it's for a current Mac. So be very careful about ensuring it's the right kind of RAM before buying.

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As we said above, you are best off buying your RAM at the point that you buy your Mac, as it will be built-to-order with the RAM you require installed. This is our recommended approach: buying your RAM through a reputable aftermarket supplier. There are plenty of places to buy RAM online, but, as with most things, established and reputable companies with warranties and return policies are your best bet.

In the world of aftermarket Apple hardware, a few names have stood the test of time. RAM refurbished by Apple or another presumably Apple approved company is often referred to as 'certified'.

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Refurbished RAM is much less common than, say, refurbished Macs, but it does exist. Certified refurbished is often backed with a warranty, though this is often shorter than Apple's warranty. We don't recommend this. Done right, this is usually the cheapest method. It's also the one most fraught with risk, as there is often no warranty - and no returns. You could save hundreds, or you could end up wasting money on something that doesn't work.

Should I update my RAM?

Caveat emptor. There are plenty of places to buy secondhand - but when it comes to choice, eBay is probably the undisputed champion. You could also try AliExpress which also has a lot of choice , eBid or Gumtree.

Finding Your Mac’s Model

Although RAM upgrades are simple as far as upgrades go there are still some basic precautions that you should take when handling sensitive electronics and accessing the inside of your Mac. The aim here is to prevent any damage caused by static electricity. This can occur when you touch an object which conducts electricity at a different electrical charge to you yes, you conduct electricity too. Make sure that you keep your RAM in its antistatic packaging right up until you need it.

When you're ready to start, touch an unpainted metal surface in your computer to discharge any static in your body.

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  • Try to ensure that your workplace is as static free as possible, remove any plastic bags or other objects that can cause static build up. Keep your Mac plugged in, but turned off. This can help ensure that the case is grounded - which reduces the chance of any discharge. The particularly hardcore may consider using an antistatic wrist or heel strap to really minimise charge build up - but this isn't essential. When mounting your RAM, ensure that the small notch cut into the front facing gold contacts matches up with the protrusion in the receiving bay.

    Mounted correctly, it will slot in, jigsaw-like - if mounted the wrong way, the protrusion will prevent the RAM from fully connecting. Models produced prior to this are relatively straightforward, though there are some obvious structural differences in the design of the Air, Pro and original MacBook. Here's an example of a MacBook Pro 17in Unibody. Apple provides an illustrated guide for memory upgrades. Looking for instructions for a different model?

    How to install memory in a Mac Pro

    Take a look at our Mac upgrade guide. Up until late the Mac mini was a very easy device to upgrade yourself. Simply unscrew the plastic base and there were two pop-up RAM slots into which you could place new chips. Sadly the Mac mini removed the manual upgrade feature of its predecessore. For years the Mac mini was not particularly 'RAM upgrade friendly' with quite a lot of variation in the internal layout of the various models, which meant that some require more disassembly than others.

    There is sometimes the need to unplug components on the logic board, which can end badly if you're not careful. When Apple updated the Mac mini in changes were made that made it more upgradable thankfully.