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Conclusion The price of cataract surgery does not consider the patient's capacity to pay, based on a simple tool such as the BMcI. Palabras clave:. Texto completo. Moreover, large currency changes in the long term can make cataract surgery more or less expensive along with many other services depending on how much the country imports goods and how the currency changes affect the national economy. Average for five cities. Weighted average prices in Euro Zone countries. Maharaja Mac. Prices are standardized to USD and are for phacoemulsification.

All Personal Communications are from Western Guangdong province. Table 3. Mean price of cataract surgery in USD. Estimates of reliability are based on whether the source is peer-reviewed, and most importantly the year prices were calculated, with most recent prices more reliable than very old data. Correlation between Big Mac price and cataract surgery price. Figure 1.

Correlation between cataract surgery price and gross domestic product GDP per capita purchasing power parity, or PPP method. Figure 2. Pascolini, S. Global estimates of visual impairment: Br J Ophthalmol, 96 , pp. Lansingh, M.

Use of global visual acuity data in a time trade-off approach to calculate the cost utility of cataract surgery. Arch Ophthalmol, , pp.

Carter, M. Global cost-effectiveness of cataract surgery. Ophthalmology, , pp. The Economist online, , July 30 ,. Burgernomics show Switzerland has the most overvalued currency. The Economist online, , January 12 ,. Inflation conversion factors for years to estimated Oregon State University, ,. Asimakis, D. Coster, D. Cost effectiveness of cataract surgery: a comparison of conventional extracapsular surgery and phacoemulsification at Flinders Medical Centre. Aust N Z J Ophthalmol, 24 , pp. Fan, D. Boldy, D. Comparing patient satisfaction, outcomes, and costs between cataract day surgery and inpatient surgery for elderly people.

Aust Health Rev, 20 , pp.

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What does the Big Mac say about Euro Area adjustment?

Chen, S. A cost-analysis of unilateral vs. Clin Surg Ophthalmol, 23 , pp. Gonder, C. Botz, et al. Immediate sequential bilateral cataract surgery versus delayed sequential bilateral cataract surgery: potential hospital cost savings. Can J Ophthalmol, 45 , pp. He, V. Chan, E. Baruwa, et al. Willingness to pay for cataract surgery in rural Southern China. Increasing the volume of cataract surgery: an experience in rural China.

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Community Eye Health, 19 , pp. Comparative study on preventing avoidable blindness in China and in Nepal. Chin Med J Engl , , pp. Fang, X. Wang, Z. Lin, et al. Variation in cataract surgery costs in four different graded providers of China. BMC Public Health, 10 , pp. Ko, K. Frick, J.

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Tzu, et al. Willingness to pay for potential enhancements to a low-cost cataract surgical package in rural southern China. Anderson, C.

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Black, E. Dunn, et al. Willingness to pay to shorten waiting time for cataract surgery. Health Aff Millwood , 16 , pp. Krootila, H. Sintonen, et al. Health Qual Life Outcomes, 4 , pp.

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