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The original version of SonicOS Enhanced provided a basic High Availability feature where a Backup firewall assumes the interface IP addresses of the configured interfaces when the Primary unit fails. Upon failover, layer 2 broadcasts are issued ARP to inform the network that the IP addresses are now owned by the Backup unit. All pre-existing network connections must be rebuilt.

How to Configure Stateful Active-Standby High Availability in Gen6 UTM Appliances

The Primary and Backup appliances are continuously synchronized so that the Backup can seamlessly assume all network responsibilities if the Primary appliance fails, with no interruptions to existing network connections. Stateful High Availability is not load-balancing.

Configuring High Availability Monitoring settings

It is an active-idle configuration where the Primary appliance handles all traffic. When Stateful High Availability is enabled, the Primary appliance actively communicates with the Backup to update most network connection information. As the Primary appliance creates and updates network connection information VPN tunnels, active users, connection cache entries, etc.

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This ensures that the Backup appliance is always ready to transition to the Active state without dropping any connections. The synchronization traffic is throttled to ensure that it does not interfere with regular network traffic.

All configuration changes are performed on the Primary appliance and automatically propagated to the Backup appliance. In case of a failover, GMS administration continues seamlessly, and GMS administrators currently logged into the appliance will not be logged out, however Get and Post commands may result in a timeout with no reply returned. The following table lists the information that is synchronized and information that is not currently synchronized by Stateful High Availability. High Availability pairs share a single set of security services licenses and a single Stateful HA license.

These licenses are synchronized between the Active and Idle appliances in the same way that all other information is synchronized between the two appliances. The settings shown are minimum recommended values.

How to Configure High Availability (HA) | SonicWall

When Stateful High Availability is not enabled, session state is not synchronized between the Primary and Secondary firewalls. If a failover occurs, any session that had been active at the time of failover needs to be renegotiated. To configure the High Availability Pair so that the Primary unit takes back the Primary role once it restarts after a failure, select Enable Preempt Mode. Preempt mode is recommended to be disabled when enabling Stateful High Availability, because preempt mode can be over-aggressive about failing over to the Secondary appliance.

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This greatly simplifies the process of updating network ARP tables and caches when a failover occurs. Supported Platforms for HA. The Active unit handles all traffic, while the Standby unit shares its configuration settings and can take over at any time to provide continuous network connectivity if the Active unit stops working.

In this Stateful HA mode, the dynamic state is continuously synchronized between the Active and Standby units. When the Active unit encounters a fault condition, stateful failover occurs as the Standby firewall takes over the Active role with no interruptions to the existing network connections. Stateful HA is supported on the TZ and higher appliances.

Licenses can be purchased on www.

Tips for High Availability (HA) setup

Each cluster node consists of two units acting as a Stateful HA pair. This mode can be enabled for additional performance gain, utilizing the standby units in each cluster node. Crash Detection. Virtual MAC Address. About HA Monitoring. HA Terminology.

Knowledge Base

The HA feature has a thorough self-diagnostic mechanism for both the Active and Standby firewalls. The failover to the standby unit occurs when critical services are affected, physical or logical link failure is detected on monitored interfaces, or when the SonicWALL loses power. The self-checking mechanism is managed by software diagnostics, which check the complete system integrity of the SonicWALL device. The diagnostics check internal system status, system process status, and network connectivity. There is a weighting mechanism on both sides to decide which side has better connectivity, used to avoid potential failover looping.

The failing service is isolated as early as possible, and the failover mechanism repairs it automatically. Convergence time is the amount of time it takes for the devices in a network to adapt their routing tables to the changes introduced by high availability. Because the appliances are using the same IP address, when a failover occurs, it breaks the mapping between the IP address and MAC address in the ARP cache of all clients and network resources.